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Argus the Unmaker Down! – 11/11

After several weeks of not green raids, we returned to Antorus once more and made quick work of the last boss, bringing us to 11/11 Normal! This was a well-earned kill, and everyone performed great. Now we can kick back, relax, and farm some of the more fun content and raid...
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9/11 Antorus, and a Parse!

Hey all, Thanks to the fantastic response from our raiders to the raid team update post, we've made huge progress in Antorus. We've downed several new bosses, forgotten to take pictures of them all, and made our way to 9/11 N in Antorus! In addition, our Coven of Shivarra kill...
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Tomb of Sargeras H – Harjatan Down

Congratulations everyone in going 3/9 Heroic this week with our Harjatan kill! We one-shot him in convincing fashion, and moved on to work on Mistress heroic, which we made great progress on as well.
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Tomb of Sargeras H – Two for one!

After electing to skip Normal mode for the week, we went in to Heroic instead. Our gamble paid off as both Goroth and Demonic Inqiusition fell, making us 2/9 H! Congratulations all - great work! Frostbitten raids on Thursday and Friday nights, at 10:00 pm EST on Earthen-Ring (US-H), and...
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ToS – Fallen Avatar N Down!

Congratulations to our raid team for downing Fallen Avatar! He was the biggest road block we've faced since Spellblade, due to the DPS requirements in phase 2, and we earned the kill on the backs of a great team effort. Special credit goes to Athena, Catot, and Amor for their...
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Throw Back Thursday – Frostbitten does Black Temple!

Frostbitten turned back the clock to 2007 as we took on The Black Temple in all it's Timewalking Glory! While we ran out of time for a one-night clear, we made great progress, with only a handful of wipes across all of our boss pulls! Videos are up, and can...
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Tomb of Sargeras – Harjatan N Down!

After a great show of teamwork and coordination, Harjatan fell last night - great work everyone!
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Tomb of Sargeras – Demonic Inquisition N down!

Atrigan and Belac proved to be the most interesting fight the guild has faced in awhile, but they ultimately fell. In celebration of our victory, the guild totally got lost chose to explore the surrounding area, even though we definitely knew where we were going. Congratulations all - Demonic Inquisition N...
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Tomb Of Sargeras – Goroth N down!

Our first steps into Tomb were victorious, seeing the team achieve both a one-shot boss kill and a memorable taunt death by a certain Warrior. Congratulations all - Goroth is down!
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